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Benefits and Leave
This section contains the benefits and leaves entitled by both employees of the private sector and those of the public sector in Mauritius.
Private Sector
National Remuneration Board

The National Remuneration Board (NRB) is a quasi-judicial body initially established under S.45 of the Repealed Industrial Relations Act which is now deemed to have been set up under S.90 of the Employment Relations Act [ERA] .The main function of the NRB is to make recommendations to the Minister regarding minimum remuneration and terms and conditions of employment in the private sector. These recommendations form the basis for the Remuneration Order [RO] Regulations. Presently there are 30 distinct sectors governed by ROs with an average of 300,000 workers.
Remuneration orders
Public Sector
Pay research Bureau

The Pay Research Bureau was set up in 1977 as a permanent and independent institution to keep under continuous review the pay and grading structures and conditions of service in the public sector.
End of Year Gratuity Act