Welcome to Mauritius

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Information & Services
To promote a smarter agriculture land use, preserve by biodiversity
Arts & Culture
To showcase the importance of culture in the lives of the population
Business & Industry
The development of a diversified business and industry sector in Mauritius
Commerce & Consumer Protection
An innovation-led industrial sector, a conducive commercial environment and an effective protection of consumers
Technology & Innovation
The emergence of digital technologies has improved the quality of life of citizens
Education & Training
Education is recognised nation-wide as the primary driver of change and innovation
Energy & Utilities
To ensure energy and water security, safe disposal of waste water and peaceful use of nuclear technology
Environment & Waste Management
To protect human health as well as safeguard marine lives so as to preserve the biodiversity of the country for future generations
Gender & Family
Mauritius has also come a long way in realizing the importance of women’s contribution
Public Finance
Mauritius has more than three decades of sustained economic growth.
Foreign Affairs & International Relations
To promote, safeguard and defend the national interests of Mauritius
Good Governance & Civil Service
The government has the responsibility of spearheading institutional reforms and reinstating good governance practices
Governance & Administration
The Republic of Mauritius has a long tradition of parliamentary democracy
Health & Medical Services
The Health care sector in Mauritius has transformed itself by providing high value activities such as hi-tech medecine, medical tourism, medical education and wellness
To maintain, enhance and expand a welfare state for its citizens
Infrastructure & Transport
A modern safe and efficient transport system contributes significantly in modernising the infrastrutural landscape of Mauritius
Jobs & Workspace
The protection of the fundamental rights of workers and the promotion of industrial harmony
Justice & Defence
The Constitution of Mauritius guarantees the fundamental rights of citizens
Ocean Economy & Fisheries
Fisheries is an important sector at the socio-economic level
Social Security & Integration
To promote, within the philosophy of enhancing social justice and national unity
Sports & Leisure
Sports, physical and leisure activities are key to nurture a healthy and prosperous nation
Travel & Tourism
Tourism is one of the most dynamic industry in Mauritius, growing at a fast pace