National Flag
Coat of Arms
As stipulated in Mauritius Laws 1990 Vol.2


(Section 2)

The armorial ensigns and supporters of Mauritius are –

Described as –
(a) for arms-
(i) quarterly azure and or, in the first quarter a lymphad of the last
(ii) in the second , 3 palm trees eradicated vert,
(iii) in the third, a key in pale the wards downwards gules, and
(iv) in the issuant, from the base a pile, and ain chief a mullet argent and

(b) for the supporters-
(i) on the dexter side, a dodo per bend sinister embattled gules and argent, and
(ii) on the sinister side, a sambur deer per head embattled argent and gules, each supporting a sugar cane erect proper,

(c) with the motto "Stella Clavisque Maris Indici”

Colour Code
Azur Royal Blue (Pantone Reflex Blue)
Or Gold (Metallic Gold)
Vert Emerald Green (Pantone Green)
Gules Warm Red (Pantone 2X)
Argent Silver (Metallic Silver)