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Trochetia is a genus of flowering plants endemic to the Mascarene Islands. There are five species of Trochetia in Mauritius. The most popular one is Trochetia boutoniana (‘Boucle d'Oreille’) which is the national flower of Mauritius since 12 March 1992. It was named after French botanist Louis Bouton. The only known wild source population used to be the slopes of Le Morne Brabant. The flowering time is from June to October. This bell-shaped flower has since then been successfully propagated and has been reintroduced in the wild and in private and public gardens in various location in the island.

The genus Trochetia consists of scrubs or small trees, which can reach a height from two to eight meters. The flowers are either white (T. triflora), pink (T. parviflora), or reddish orange (T. boutoniana). They are either single-standing, or grow in a cluster of three flowers. Some species have bell-shaped petals.

The habitat consists of humid forests with a high annual rainfall or mountainous slopes which are directed windwards.

Plants from the genus Trochetia belong to the few plants worldwide that can produce coloured nectar. The main pollinators of today are the Mauritius olive white-eye (Zosterops chloronothos) and the Mauritius grey white-eye (Zosterops mauritianus), introduced honey bees, or geckos from the genus Phelsuma.

Species of Trochetia
The five species of Trochetia found in Mauritius are:

Trochetia parviflora - an extremely rare tree (with about 63 individuals). Discovered in 1794. Thought to be extinct in 1863 and rediscovered on the slopes of Corps de Garde, Mauritius in 2001 by a team from the Mauritius Herbarium. Another population was found also in 2012 at Piton du Fouge near Chamarel.

Trochetia boutoniana (‘Boucle d'Oreille’) because of its bell-shaped look) is the national flower of Mauritius since 1992. It was named after French botanist Louis Bouton. The origin wild population are the slopes of Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius. The flowering time is from June to October.

Trochetia uniflora - Occurrence: Trois Mamelles, Le Pouce Mt., Calebasse Mt. Range and Letard Mountains in the west of Mauritius. Flowering time: May to June.

Trochetia triflora - Occurrence: Trou aux Cerfs in the central, Grand Bassin, Piton Savanne, Cocotte Mt. and Black River Peak in the south-west of Mauritius. Flowering time: April to July.

Trochetia blackburniana - Occurrence: several places on Mauritius like Petrin Conservation Management Area, Plaine Champagne and Grand Bassin, most common species of that genus. Flowering time: April to May.