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Public Institutions
The Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation, located in the heart of Ebène, aims at providing a well-connected, knowledge-based and high income society, through a culture of innovation and the adoption of technology.
  • The Central Informatics Bureau aims to promote e-Governance through the provision of project management, consultancy and advisory services to Ministries and Departments for the successful implementation of e-government projects and on ICT matters

  • The Central Information Systems Division aims to provide Reliable, Timely and Cost-Effective ICT Support Services to Government Institutions

  • The Data Protection Office aims at safeguarding the processing of personal data in the present age of Information and communication

  • The IT Security Unit aims to be the key facilitator in ensuring that Information Systems in Government are secure

  • The ICT Appeal Tribunal Section 39 of the Information and Communication Technologies Act 2001, Section 15 of the Postal Services Act 2002 and Section 58 of the Data Protection Act 2004 provide for a right of appeal before the Information and Communication Technologies Appeal Tribunal

  • The Mauritius Post Ltd aims to provide access to an array of services across the country including postal, electronic information, financial and government related services

  • The State Informatics Ltd IT solutions and systems solution provider built on technologies from global leaders

  • The Mauritius Telecom aims to provide each and every customer with an unmatched experience to provide customers with new tools and capabilities that simplify their lives in this increasingly complex connected world.