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Government Cares
National CSR Foundation
The main mandate of the Foundation is to undertake programmes and projects for the benefit of individuals and families registered under the Social Register of Mauritius (SRM) and of vulnerable groups in the following priority areas:

• Socio-economic development
• Educational Support & Training
• Social Housing
• Leisure and Sports
• Supporting people with disabilities
• Environment and sustainable development
• Dealing with health problems
• Family protection including gender-based violence
• Peace and nation-building
• Road and security safety

National Empowerment Foundation (NEF)
L'Empowerment Programme a été voté dans le cadre du budget 2006-2007 dans un contexte de réforme économique du pays. Institué pour une durée de 5 ans (jusqu'en 2011) et doté d'un budget d'environ Rs 5 milliards, il est devenu opérationnel le 7 juillet 2006 avec la constitution de son Comité de Direction (steering committee).

La NEF vise à fournir aux personnes les plus vulnérables la capacité d'améliorer leurs conditions de vie. Ses missions prioritaires, à Maurice comme à Rodrigues, consistent à lutter contre la pauvreté absolue et à réduire le chômage parmi les femmes.

Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP)
The overall objective of the 10th EDF Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP) II is to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Mauritius and Rodrigues in synergy with other NSAs as well as empowerment and poverty alleviation programmes. More specifically, the purpose of the programme is:
  • to reinforce the capacities of Non State Actors (NSAs) with the aim of improving their strategic planning, implementation and monitoring of poverty alleviation projects
  • to foster a more coherent and informed approach to poverty issues among decision makers and NSAs; and
  • complement other ongoing NSA and empowerment & poverty alleviation programmes in their fight to reduce poverty.