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National Pensions Scheme
The National Pensions Scheme which was introduced in 1976 provides for the following payments:

Non Contributory Benefits - Financed by Government on a Universal Basis, i.e., without means-test consisting of:
• Basic Retirement Pension (BRP)
• Basic Widow's Pension (BWP)
• Basic Invalid's Pension (BIP)
• Basic Orphan's Pension (BOP)
• Guardian's Allowance
• Child's Allowance
• Inmate's Allowance
• Carer's allowance for beneficiaries of Basic Retirement Pension
• Carer's Allowance for beneficiaries of Invalid Basic Pension

Contributory Benefits - To insured persons or their dependants, if contributions have been paid to the National Pensions Fund, comprising:
• Contributory Retirement Pension (CRP)
• Contributory Widow's Pension (CWP)
• Contributory Invalid's Pension (CIP)
• Contributory Orphan's Pension (COP)

Compensation to insured workers - (or their dependants) injured at work - Industrial Injury Benefits:
• Industrial Injury Allowance
• Disablement Benefit
• Survivor's Pension
• Dependant's Pension
• Orphan's Industrial Injury Allowance
Application for Retirement Pension
Application for Contributory Pension
Application for Invalids Pension and Child's Allowance
Application for Widows Pension and Child's Allowance