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The Disability Unit is the “focal point” for disability issues in Mauritius. It provides information, counselling, guidance and referral services. It is responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of disability policies, projects and programmes and facilitates the process of integration of persons with disabilities in mainstream society.

Services - The Disability Unit provides the following direct services to persons with disabilities:
• Free Bus Pass
• Refund of bus fares to disabled children attending schools/day care centres
• Refund of taxi fares to students with severe disabilities
• Francois Sockalingum Award
• Concessionary airfare
• Concessionary fee for passport
• Free parking cards
• Respite care programme
• Assistive devices
• Duty-free facilities
• Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy sessions
• Athletes with disabilities
• Loan for people with disabilities from Employees Welfare Fund

The various legislations and acts pertaining to persons with disabilities can be found below:
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Training and Employment
Access to training and employment is a “sine qua non” condition for the socio-economic integration of persons with disabilities. Training and employment are important means to promote the dignity, independence and self-reliance of persons with disabilities.

Sports and Culture
Recreations, sports, leisure and cultural activities are utmost and powerful ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Just like their non-disabled peers, people with disabilities as well experience the same need for sport, including competitive ones and recreations. Likewise, sport is also a way to integrate people with disabilities in the society.

To assist in the education of children with disabilities, the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity & Reform Institutions provides the following facilities:
• Refund of transport costs for one accompanying parent of children with disabilities attending schools/day care centres.
• Refund of taxi fares to students with severe disabilities attending university who cannot travel by ordinary means of transport.
• Scholarship Scheme by the National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons to encourage students with disabilities to pursue secondary and tertiary studies.
• Annual Grant-in-Aid by the NGO Trust Fund to NGOs running special schools.

Online services offered by the Disability Unit:

Mauritius Disability Management System