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Administrative Reforms Division
The mandate of the Administrative Reforms Division (ARD) is to develop a customer-centric, performance oriented, and result based culture in the public service and to encourage the adoption of innovative methods to deliver quality public services.
Human Resource Development Division
The Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms has been vested with the responsibility for training of public officers. Training of Public officers has been up to now been conducted at different levels of the hierarchy.
Human Resource Management Division
The human Resource Management Division has been set up to perform the following activities:

• Coordinating budget proposals on the size of establishment in the Civil Service with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.
• Processing requests from Ministries and Departments for creation and abolition of posts.
• Processing contracts of employment with a view to ensure uniformity.
The Occupational Safety and Health Division
The division is set up with the mission to guide and assist all Ministries/Departments in complying with the provisions of safety and health legislations and in promoting a safety culture in the Civil Service through establishment of a safety and health management.
Civil Service Family Protection Scheme Board
The core activity of the Civil Service Family Protection Scheme Board is to provide protection to dependents of deceased contributors by way of a monthly surviving spouse's pension and/or children's pension. A refund of contribution is made where no pension is payable.