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Energy Sector
The Government’s energy policy encourages the use of renewable and clean energy to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The Government has announced plans to increase use of renewable sources of energy for electricity generation from the current 21 percent to 35 percent by 2025. CEB currently produces 40 percent of the country's total power requirement from four thermal power stations and eight hydroelectric plants. The remaining 60 percent is purchased from independent power producers, mainly private generators from the sugarcane industry using bagasse and imported coal.
Tariffs applicable at the CEB
Procedures to apply for new electricity Supply
Check Meter
If you have recently noted that your energy consumption has increased or decreased drastically and that you suspect your energy meter to be faulty, you can apply for a verification of your meter through the installation of a check meter at your premise.
Report Fault
The CEB provides a 24/7 reporting service for complaints relating to faults/ power interruptions or for an electrical emergency. Just dial '130' and one agent will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within shortest possible time
Pay your Bills
Choose from a wide range of bill payment options designed to make your bill payment simpler and easier
CEB Services
The CEB is committed to handling customer requests and applications in a courteous and efficient manner. Customers can contact the CEB by the following means:

• Call in person at any Customer Walk-in centres