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Permits & Licences
Application for a Fishing Licence (for Mauritian Vessels in the Waters of the Republic of Mauritius)
Application for a Foreign Fishing Vessel Licence
Application for Registration for import of Fish or Fish Products
Application form for request for assistance – Damaged pirogue
Quotation form for damaged pirogue
Application form for Permits in Marine Protected Areas
Application for registration of Artisanal Fisherman
General Conditions for the Import of Fish and Fish Products
Conditions for the Import of live crab for culture purposes
Conditions for the Import of live ornamental fish
Conditions for the Import of live crab/lobster for consumption
Application for Registration on the Vessel Monitoring System Register of Foreign Fishing Vessels
General Conditions/Requirements for the import of fish and fish products in Mauritius
Conditions for the import of dried sea shells
Application for Fish Farming
Clearance for Fishing Trips