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Benefits Section
Benefits section includes basic pension and is applicable for the following purposes:-
• Retirement
• Invalidity
• Widows
• Orphans
• Guardian’s Allowance
• Child’s Allowance
• Inmate Allowance
• Enhanced Basic Retirement Pensions (for severe handicap)
• Carer’s Allowance
Industrial Injury
• Industry Injury Allowance
• Disablement Pension
• Survivor’s Pension
• Dependent Person
• Orphan’s industrial Injury Allowance
• Constant attendance allowance
Who contributes to the NSF Every employer and employee/s of the private sector pays a monthly contribution representing 2.5% and 1% (total of 3.5%) respectively of the basic wage or salary of every employee, aged between 18 and retirement age subject to the prescribed ceiling Employers having in their employment household workers must also contribute to the National Savings Fund.

Who is covered by the NSF Every employee, both in private and public sector aged between 18 and retirement age who works under either a full time or a part time contract of service. The fund does not cover a non-citizen of Mauritius.

Returns Submitted at the end of each financial year together with the (i) name of employee (ii) number of his/her National Identity Card (iii) the amount of contributions paid in relation to the employee during the financial year.
Medical Unit
The Medical Unit provides medical and paramedical services to Elderly and Disabled children. The Medical Unit has a pool of 60 Medical Officers, 32 Nursing Officers, 7 Physiotherapists and 6 Occupational Therapists. It provides medical, paramedical Services and health education to all elderly and provides preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services to elderly people and disabled.

Elder-Care Department
The Elder-Care Department provides activities such as Visit to Infirmaries, Domiciliary visit to persons over 90 years, to bedridden persons over 75 years. To children with disabilities up to 18 years and Health Clubs in the Elderly Day care Centres, ‘Service de Proximité’. Other activities include Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Vaccination for the Elderly, and Recreation Centres.

Medical Board Department
The Medical Unit also prepares and schedule Medical Board sessions for Basic Invalidity Pension (BIP), Basic Retirement Pension/Severely Handicapped (BRP/SH), Domiciliary Visits (DV), Medical Examination Social Aid (SA) and Injury Boards (IB).

Medical Tribunal
The Medical Tribunal hears appeal from claimants who are not satisfied with decision of the Medical Board regarding their claim for pension.

National Pensions Appeal Tribunal
The Appeal Tribunal consists of a Chairman appointed by the Attorney General and two other members appointed by the Minister after consultation with representatives of employers and employees. It hears appeals from persons who are not satisfied with a decision of National Pensions Officer (other than a Medical Question). An Appeal Tribunal has also been set up under section 36 of the National Pensions Act.
Social Aid & Unemployment Hardship Relief